Experience assembling the enclosure of snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer


Sorry for no update, it’s too busy to check info on forum.

We just receive a sample of new design from factory, which looks like this:

We make it allows different size of fan. Hope you like it.

Now we are preparing package and instructions of it (Another huge work to do :joy:). And our engineers are busy with production. Most of factories are closed recently because of Chinese Spring Festival. Sad…



Thanks for the update, I appreciate your efforts. It is all looking good. I am sure field testing by users and feedback will refine the deign in the years ahead.

Keep having fun



Yeah, that’s what we want to do!

To involve professional users into early stage in product development is necessary. This will lead us in a correct way.


Looks great. A suggestion: is it possible that you arrange for a circular hole cut in the top panel, with a plastic plug? Some may want to hookup a fume outlet/ventilation system. You could even have such a ventilation mechanism as an add-on sold by Snapmaker.



It’s possible to add and I think it’s a good suggestion, but I prefer to keep it as what it looks like now. Reasons are below:

-> The backside holes are designed for ventilation too, I agree that top side is a better place but I’m not sure how different will it make.
-> If we change now, we need to contact to factory, our engineer, our technical support and document team. This may lead to delay. Maybe one or two weeks. Since Chinese Spring Festival is coming (16th February), all factories will be closed for 2~3 weeks, I’m afraid delay will cause huge complain among our supporters.
-> We may consider it in a later version, which we may add our own designed ventilation mechanism I hope. It need time, we shall kick ourselves off quickly. :joy:

Feel free to ask questions, I think it’s a good way to make product better~



Another suggestion… This might be a bigger change so maybe for the next version
Use the Snapmaker power brick for the LED etc… The way you would do this is to have the power brick plug into a power jack in the enclosure, draw off enough current to power the LED strip (and usb fan if you decide to add that as well)., and then have another plug/cable that plugs into the snapmaker control module.
The power brick obviously can go directly to the snapmaker as it does now, if there is not enclosure or if users dont want to power it.

i will build a rudimentary version when I get my enclosure and share photos here.


Looking good! Anymore photos to share here?
When will the enclosures start shipping?


Hi @Noah @Rainie

I saw on the latest news update that the enclosure will ship around the April time-frame, that is fine. Will it contain the LED light strip?

BTW the USB socket on the control block can be utilised to power a LED light-strip for all you DYI’ers. or possibly a small USB powered fan (I have not tried this as yet)



I don’t know whether the USB socket is able to support power of LED light-strip or fan, I will ask our electronic engineers.

The design of enclosure has been freeze, time between February and April is mainly used for producing and shipping. It also need a new design of package. There is a long way from a prototype to a shipped product… Anyway, I will try my best to argue for LED or fan. Maybe I will try to make it available as a part, which means it’s not included in every enclosure, but you can buy it if you want a plugin.



Not a problem, I am sure many users will design and implement their own ideas. I will let you know when I do mine.

I only started last week using my Snapmaker with the laser and it is fantastic. As I type I am printing my very first 3D project, the filament guide from @kelvin8r I am like a kid the candy shop watching it. I will send photo when finished.

Have a great week.


Will the material give protection for vision without using the safety glasses while using the laser module, and the future 1.6W laser?



Yeah, when using enclosure, you don’t have to wear the safety glasses, and I guess it will also fit for 1.6W laser. (The 1.6W laser looks nearly the same except for it’s blue light and a little more bright.)


Hey guys, sorry for late info, I’m now busy with designing the package for enclosure, I have tried twice in two or three weeks but still got problems (it’s a balance of weight, volume, protection and cost), here are some results of the package:

The first edition after drop test (to throw it many times):

The second edition after drop test:



hahahaha, you need a case for the case that contains the case.

I am sure you will work it out.



Yeah, it’s near the final answer, I just send latest design to factory, and they may send me sample on Saturday.
It’s a little beyond my ability since my major is digital media design, sad…

I have to try many times and the schedule is late again…
Well, hope I will make it in this week. :smile:



You will get there and I truly appreciate you sharing the update.



That is good. Thanks for the info.


Question: are the panes made out of glass or plexiglass/acrylic? If the latter, we can mill our own fume holes in the top pane if we want to :slight_smile:


@Noah thank you for the update. The enclosure is coming along nicely. Don’t get discouraged. Like @doug said, you will get there.


It’s acrylic of 3mm, and the holes are cut by high-power laser. I suggest laser cutting because I’m not sure whether it would break or not when milling by CNC.