My enclosure project

Hi everyone, my enclosure project for my Snapmaker 2.0 is almost finished. Made of aluminum and glass. You do not need a table. Considerable noise reduction. Elimination of fumes and odors. Includes led lights, extractor with speed control, interior and exterior temperature sensor. Support for several rolls of filament. Three doors with full access to the interior.

I am looking for acrylic panels with a filter for the laser, which is the only thing I have left to assemble.

First printing test with ABS, 20 cm grid. in diameter, 11 hours of printing, without any problem of adhesion to the bed. Very good final result.

I hope you like it.


@Bermudez it looks pretty good. I do have 2 safety concerns though:

  1. The glass will not block the light from the laser, which will blind you.
  2. The power supply needs recirculating air. Is there are opening and a fan for that area?

Hello, now I’m just printing. I am looking for acrylic filter panels for laser light to mount.

I also consider the possibility of placing removable opaque panels for when using the laser, and mounting an interior webcam, that would give me total security and I could continue to see the interior of the enclosure through the computer, mobile, tablet, etc.

The area where the power is located does not have a rear part, and the power is at the end so it recirculates the air very well and does not get hot at all.

This is a nice chamber you have made, good job :slight_smile:

Thats incredible work! Lol i notice these look like EU UPVC window frames (like i had on my house in the UK before moving to US where largely window frames suck).

@Bermudez Did you cut and build it all yourself?

Just an additional note, a camera is even easier to damage than the human eye, so it will need a filter too, when using the Laser Module. :wink:

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JTech Photonics has reasonably priced viewing panels:″-x-24″

I believe there are international equivalents in most places.

OD5+ would be better than OD3, however OD5 panels are usually $400+ for a similar size, like here: Laser Safety Window | Laser Safety Industries

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Hello @scytoyto
Yes, I have manufactured it completely, in my company I have the materials and machinery necessary for its manufacture.

Thanks for your comment

you should sell them :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will consider your comments.

Thanks for your proposals, it could be an option, I’ll take a look

I found this UV protective foil. It seems to have a really low transmission for 450nm wavelengths (0,001% —> OD 6) and is not really that expensive compared to full acrylic sheets (70€ for 1m^2). That being said I don’t know how well they really work or how reputable the company selling them is. But maybe they are exactly what you need when looking into affordable laser protection.


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Nice find!

OD5*, Laser Standards - NoIR LaserShields

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Great, it can be a very good solution, I will inform myself well of the characteristics of that material and if it is safe enough.

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These are my last modifications to keep improving.

Support plate so that the cable of the heated bed is as straight as possible and does not catch, being made of aluminum also serves to cool the Y-axis motors.

Installed IP socket base, with which I can disconnect the power from anywhere with my mobile. An IP webcam monitors my printer when I am away from home.


Looks awesome, but I would push you to move the spindle holder inside the enclosure, the amount of tension on your filament there could cause you print problems in the long run, and having your filament in the enclosure gives you the extra benefit of not having to worry about humidity outside (a next project would actually be probably hooking up a dehydrator to your enclosure so you can have both deydration and heated chamber for some trickier filaments).

Hello @nivekmai, I had not thought about it and it may be a good idea, as you say with some special filaments that usually have problems with humidity.
Inside the enclosure I have space, it would be to find a location for it and make a support.


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I’ve been using an old iPhone with no problems for almost a year. A lot of people on FB using webcams and no reported problems.
Maybe if you take a direct hit it might cause some damage, but I think between reflection and distance, you don’t really have anything to worry about.



there are some designs on thingiverse for internal spool holders that work on the snapmaker branded enclosure, if its similar enough in size its probably a good starting point.

i invested in an actual filament dryer system and plan to connect it to the enclosure with some tubing myself

i am super impressed with your design you did a great job :smiley:

Thanks @MooseJuice , I’ll take a look on thingiversem to see what I find. It may be a good idea to have the filament inside the enclosure.