Experience assembling the enclosure of snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer



Keep in mind that when you evacuate air from the case you still need fresh air entry to the case. I am not sure how good a seal is on the windows, if the seals are poor then not a problem. If the seals are good then some sort of simple one-way valve ( plastic flap) may be required to allow air to enter.



We may carve other holes to let fresh air in, I will remind our engineer to notice this problem. There are so many things you should consider when designing a real object, sad… :laughing:


yes , however think of the delight and pride when you create something that works.

Keep having fun



Indeed, that’s a big reason for me to keep going. When I see my design become a real things, all the effort and sweat deserved. Enjoy and keep having fun~



My thoughts, I would install a set of LED strip lights on the front and top frame as indicated in red, this would light up the project well. This would provide an unobstructed view of the project. The fan could go high on the rear panel. Cabling can run along the bottom framework to the power cable hole.

LED Lights

Take care



We have tested a LED strip lights on red top frame, which looks great. Since there are two magnets on the front frame, I don’t know wether they would influence the LED lights’ use life, but it will definitely make sense.



That is great news. Given the aim of illuminating the project. The vertical LED only has to be on the top half of frame. In conjunction with the top horizontal LED I would guess that would be sufficient. You could even have a light on/off switch on the outside of the case on the top corner (yellow circle)

Such as:

LED Lights v2

Thank you for trying this.


We will try to optimize it, but the first version must keep as simple as possible. I’m afraid most of ideals would be turned down. I will try to make it more expandable


As with all things, little steps at a time. Having the lights on full time will not be a problem.

The top strip of lights may be enough without the vertical ones; The project is a small area to illuminate.


120mm fan moves more air at slower speed and far less noise. Also, since they don’t spin as fast their bearings can last longer. All around a better choice except being larger. Having a couple of different sets of mounting holes would let people choose the fan that is right for them.

USB strip lighting is a great idea.

Could something be added that would allow standard GoPro mounts to be used? Somewhere to attach / hook the mount to?


Dont think im going to buy the enclosure but it looks really good. Had an idea though…maybe all the non glass parts could be smaller to make it easier to produce and pack? I dont know if that would make the structure to weak but then again nobody is gonna sit on it…right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Agree on the back port for a fan or other exhaust option. I’ve picked up a small shopvac in anticipation and would love to have a pre-cut port in the back to attach the hose to.


Hello @quarky42

Good idea.

No matter size of fan,a speed control can be added. We do not need a wind tunnel in a case, just enough extraction vacuum to clear vapors/smoke/dust

I am sure many ideas will come in from users.



My cat might. He’s 17 pounds. Yes, he’s a fat cat.


Sure, but the point I want to make sure is clear is that for two fans of different sizes to move the same amount of air, the smaller fan has to move faster. Moving faster is what causes noise. The larger fan, moving the same amount of air as the smaller fan will be much quieter. We don’t need to be adding additional noise to this.

Also, a larger fan (with a controller) would give you a much wider range of fan speeds which would be very useful for pulling air through filter media. Adding a filter would mean the air flow is reduced…so raise the fan speed to compensate and maintain the same airflow.



It may sound silly but what would the harmonic interference be to Snapmaker by attaching a fan or two directly to the case… would the subtle (or not) vibrations from fans have an impact on the making of items.



Hi @quarky42

Looking further afield, I spotted items under the name of Solder Fume Extractor. A search will bring up many commercial units. You can even make you own see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:69729 (photo below) It uses an 120mm fan.

I would imagine a variation to one of these devices and attached to the Snapmaker case might be an option.


A larger commercial unit


my vote for ventilation is a covered hole to allow user to use what they see fit…

i see using a vacuum line from a shop vac for cnc chips, and it would move enough air for smoke also…

a few vent slots along the BOTTOM of the case would be best for ventilation and cooling…

lighting could be a couple of led lights like those used for sewing, attached in the front top corners…
(this would allow moving the lights to where they do the most good, side attached strips will not light up all work…)
(double backed adhesive steel plates on corners, and you’re done…)


EDIT: The covered hole, could be made to fit an optional fan (more profit$$)…
(cause why should I pay for a fan I do not want…?)

Also, said optional fan should be 120VAC/220VAC like in PC power supplies… (good flow, quiet…)


QUESTION: are there any plans for an enlarged enclosure for snapmaker with longer linear drives…?

( Z model, that bigger CNC design, etc…)



Hi @Noah

How is the case development going?