snapmaker 2.0 is broken after 2 days

snapmaker 2.0 was shipped last week and assembled over the weekend. After 2 days of trying the 3D printing feature, the printer was broken. 2 of the 3 axes cannot be calibrated anymore, the cross axis starts up and at the end you only hear a loud noise. The shse from the table doesn’t move at all anymore and makes only noise.

Wow, you got a whole two days out of yours?
I didn’t get any days out of mine :wink:

Right there with you. Tring to get an answer as to how to get ahold of warranty on this thing. I managed to get one print out after nonstop filament loading error issues.

Feel a little better knowing I’m not the only one and at least I got a few prints out of mine. Have the same error when loading filament. It thinks its out but its dripping out of the bottom. Cant get a hold of anyone either for the warranty.