Enclosure Skewed Problem


I probably messed up some step in the assembly process and now the enclosure cube is “skewed”.

To open/close the left door I have to push the handle down a little bit to align with the frame.

And for the front door I have to push up a little bit…

I guess I should loose some screws (in the front left vertical edge) and try to square the enclosure. Other hinged stuffed I had assembled in the past allowed some adjustments on the hinges…

Anyone has some tips on this?

I have to lift up slightly on either door, but I’m chalking that up to slop in the hinges. I did notice today that I have some cracking of the acrylic around the handles, possibly from over tightening the screws.

The front door on mine needs a lift, but the side door doesn’t.

I reckon all you can do is loosen a few screws and re-tighten while holding the enclosure in the right position (may need a 2nd pair of hands…)