The enclosure's door corner is sharp


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Bummer. Print covers for the corners maybe?

I am still working on trying to get the door sensor magnets to stay in place. At this point I am debating either replacing the adhesive on them or making plastic “plugs” that will fit in the rail and hold them in place with a tight fit.

Ouch! Thanks for the heads up. I haven’t setup my enclosure yet so I will keep an eye out for sharp edges. Maybe a little sand paper could help file down the sharp corners…

same here…
I´m working on a solution

3D printable ‘cuff’ to wrap it a bit?

Lazy approach: get some nail polish or something that will build a little bit and paint a bit over the sharp edge, few layers should round it out some. Or moldable/curable ‘putty’ like Sugru.

(vs. Sandpaper or a file, subtractive processes, obviously…)