Not impressed with the enclosure - holes don't line up

Just got my Snapmaker delivered today and thought I’d start by assembling the enclosure. I know people had problems with the tabs on the corner pieces snapping, and some edges needing a bit of filing to tidy them up, so I went at it carefully, with a small file on hand.

Even with the ends filed smooth, the holes in the bars don’t line up with the threaded holes in the corner piece. The holes in the bars are up to 0.5mm too far along the bar. A few line up, but most are not aligned so the screw tries to go in at an angle and cross threads.

By swapping between corner pieces and different bars I’ve managed to to join 3 edges together (2 corners, 4 screws), but most pieces are that 0.5mm off.

Tomorrow I reckon I’ll get the Dremel out and use the carbide cutter to elongate the holes slightly (and also take the quick way to remove the burrs on the ends with an emery wheel).

I reckon the Snapmaker guys should pull 2 or 3 production enclosures out at random and try to assemble them, just to check the quality control.

Hopefully over the weekend I’ll get the Snapmaker itself setup and working.

Fixed it up nicely today. Standard holes are 3.92mm to 3.96mm diameter according to my calipers, extended the holes by roughly 0.3mm towards the ends an the enclosure assembles nicely, expecially if you leave the screws loose by a few turns then tighten them all up at the end.
(snapmaker is all installed and printing as I type)


I know it was some time ago but I was trying to assemble my enclosure yesterday and faced the same issues.

Did you extend the holes in the frame or in the corner brackets? I guess in the frame, otherwise the screw wouldn’t “screw” anymore… but I wanted to double check!


Correct, it was the frame pieces not the corner brackets.

The holes in the frame pieces were slightly too far in from the ends, so didn’t align with the screw holes in the corner brackets.

Mine only needed a very small adjustment, basically as soon as you could see that the hole was changing shape I stopped. As with anything, always better to take too little and have to do more cutting, you can always cut more out, but you can’t put it back.

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Finally built mine today.
Similar issues.

Decided it was ‘good enough’.

But seriously hope that they have looked at the design and especially the rather brittle material of the corner brackets! 二郎神 is disappointed, Snapmaker people, that you allowed that to go out!

They must have been earlier models, mine went together without a hitch, all holes lined up perfectly.
The corner pieces on mine were metal, I think some earlier ones were plastic.

Mine was ordered as part of the Kickstarter, and has metal corners. I think they probably fixed the alignment after the first batch, or introduced better quality control.