Enclosure Error Message with Latest 1.14.3 Firmware

Hello - I have a Snapmaker 2.0 and recently installed an enclosure. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest as of yesterday - Snapmaker2_V1.14.3. Yet, I am getting an error: “Outdated module (Enclosure) firmware detected. Please visit our website, download the latest version, and update before use.”

The Enclosure controls did appear and the Enclosure is functioning, so the firmware is correctly installed for the Enclosure.

I did use the option in the controller to install the latest firmware, and it says that the latest is installed.

Since this is the latest version, and I dont see an option to install a separate module, I think this an error in the firmware.



For the modules, you have to download the firmware, place it in the usb, and flash it yourself. The online updater doesn’t do the modules in my experience.

Download from here, unzip onto the USB drive, the “print” the bin file. After it reboots, you should be good. I’d recommend repeating the process after swapping in each tool head as well.

Hi - Thanks for the response. I am not sure what you mean by “printing” the .bin file. I can’t find anything online that indicates that is how I load new firmware. Can you explain a little more?

Either from the home screen click ‘start’, or from the app list ‘files’, then tap USB on the bottom right. Locate the .bin file and tap on it. Should then begin flashing the firmware.

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