Firmware Problem with Laser

i started my snapmaker and it says u need to update ur Firmware of your module (Laser) so i clicked and its started with no problems then its restarted and before i can click complete the same message that i need to update comes again and i cant do anything else then click the update button–> so im in a loop and cant do anything. so someone maybe can help what i need to do?

Try downloading teh latest module firmware from teh snapmaker support page and load it onto the provided usb. You should then be able to update the firmware of the various modules from the files USB on the snapmaker console screen. I have had to do this for many modules such as Enclosure, linear rails and Laser.
It did take a couple of attempts for the USB to be recognised but after a re-format it worked.

The latest firmware is dead on arrival (it goes into a boot loop). Use the previous release.


Very annoying indeed… I can confirm the “dead on arrival part”

Fingers crossed for a quick fix from the team. I’ve not experienced an upgrade message for my modules recently, but will wait until they fix the issues others are reporting.