Unhappy with Air Purifier

Hi there,

I am using the 10 Watt Laser on my Artisan with the Air Purifier. However I am quite unhappy with the „quality“ of the purifier. I can not laser e.g. wood/plywood for longer than 30 minutes, as the fumes seem to be everywhere but not inside of the filter. The whole room smells burnt.
I have removed the small enclosure fan, no change. The filter cartridge seems to be okay as far as I can tell.

Anyone else with this issue, any advice?

Thanks a lot!

a smell molecule is less than 1 nm, its a fume and smoke extractor if you want the smell gone you will either need another device to pull from the positive discharge on the Snapmaker Extractor or do what I did and discharge directly out a window. either way though the case is not air tight, none are unless the machine hits about the 5K mark, and while you can decrease the “leaks” in the case other problems can surface with other modules like 3D printing because hot air recirulated just causes thermal runaway

for engraving okay. But when cutting i have the pipe out of the window.