New boosted enclosure fan stays running

Wondering if anyone else is having this issue. I installed the new boosted cfm enclosure fan and now when i run a laser job the fan turns on as it should, the air purifier also turns on. After job is done the air purifier turns off but the enclosure fan stays running (forever). Whats the deal, is there some firmware update i need to install?

Just because a job has completed doesn’t mean that all the smoke has been cleared. I can understand requiring manual deactivation of the boosted fan.

Would not be a big deal if it had some time limit, even 5 minutes but it will literally go forever. Normal fan had a time limit so why not the boosted.

Place this in the end code.

; wait 120 seconds
G4 S120

; Fan Air to 0%
M1010 S4 P0
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