Dual Extruder works for me after starting from scratch

I was reluctant to use the dual extruder after reading all the issues described here but decided to give it a try. I read all the suggestions, work arounds, tips and tricks and nothing seemed to work.

I was getting extreamly frustrated and decided to take a step back by resetting everything to factory defaults, reinstalling Luban and all firmware. In otherwords, start from scratch.

Turns out that I had changed so many things that nothing seemed to work right.

After re-installing everything, I ran through all the default calibration routines to get a basic starting point.

From there, I ran a test print of the attached “3D gap test.stl” using the same filament settings I want to use for my actual print. The only thing I change in the default materials settings are nozzle and bed temp based on the filament I’m using.

I created a separate file for the left and right extruder. Ran a test print and adjusted the Z height and temperuatures settings until I got a solid first layer on each extruder as seen in the attached “3D Gap Test.JPG” file.

Once I got a good looking 3D Gap Test print, everything else comes out great!

Moral of the story, I tend to want to play, tweak adjust and modify things but sometimes it’s best to take the KISS approach and keep it simple. I needed to resist making too many modifications to the default settings and make as few changes as possible.

Hope this helps others out there who are at the bottom of all the rabbit holes out there.

Good Luck!

3D Gap Test.stl (9.7 KB)