Dual filament printing with the dual extrudor


I am having troubles finding the way to make a model dual filament. The following thing I tried.

I downloaded a benchy which is designed for multi material If I import two seperate models for example the deck and the bottom of the boat. then I should lift the deck onto the bottom of the boat. But Luban keeps pulling it to the ground (because it probably knows it cannot print in the air).

I have a complete model but I can’t find the way to select different layers to assign to the different filament.

Where am I going wrong, does anyone knows the solution?

There should be an option to “Align models” In Luban somewhere. Find that option, and it should properly align the models for dual extrusion!

will try,


Looks like this will work as you said, at least in Luban it looks good. Will try to print tommorow. Not sure why there is some ghost benchy hovering above the model.

Little update, model kept failing. I took a closer look and there was a space between the brim and the benchy. It seems to me that the “repair” offer which should prevent the model from failing causes this fails. Without repairing the parts of the model seem to auto align. I am printing this model right now so hopefully this solves the issue.

I have had the same problems with a 2 material model. I asked the Snapmaker support how I can arrange the 2 model with one model starting not at Z=0 but Z= 50 f.e… The answer was that Luban can’t do this in the actual version and I should: “… use 3D builder software to set the corresponding heights of the two files, and then generate the stl file. Then import the generated stl file into Luban.”
As I have some experience with other 3D-Printers I have also SIMPLIFY3D what is a very good slicer that support also the Snapmaker Artisan (got the FFF profile from Simplify3D support) and Dual printing. With this I was able to align the 2 models and create G-Code that works on the Artisan very good !