Dual Extruder and Open Enclosure Door

Hello all,

I have also after the exchange of the door and the Silkon cushions of the Dual Extruder the problem that my PLA of Eryone clogs again and again. The filament is compressed in the transporter. The support had told me that I can only print PLA with the door open and the fan on.

Do you do that too ?


I print pla and petg without a problem with dual extruder upgrade and enclosure.

Are your extruder fans working?
Whats your retraction settings?
Are your part cooling fans working?
Is your filament easily pulled by the extruder?
Maybe lowering your bed temp would improve?


I can confirm that I’m only able to print PLA with enclosure door open with the dual extruder, the enclosure fan is also switched on and additionally I use a small fan on the head itself to help cooling the hot end heat sinks. It seems the ambient temperature highly affects this as I hadn’t had this issue before summer.