Dual Extruder 0.2 mm nozzle - Clogs

Hi folks,
I got myself a 0.2mm nozzle for the dual extruder. Results are outstanding - if the print goes through. Only 1 in 5 succeeds - all others fail with clogs. Which again look like heat creep, i.e. thickened end of filament (however much less then with the old door - I used the new door and my self-printed intermediate door).
Has anyone used the 0.2mm with success? What were your print settings?
Thanks for any hints!

Have you gotten the dual extruder parts replacement kit and installed it? One if the issues it addresses is heat creep in the extruders, which can cause clogs.

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Successfully printed some toy gears with 0.2mm nozzle.
Retraction 1mm @35mm/s
But has to be noted, i printed it with only one active hotend on dual extruder.- So no hotend switch happened.

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Thanks for all your input!

I do have the new door, and I even tried my self-printed alternative door, did not change things. But investigating closer, I’m no longer sure it’s heat creep. My filament is thickened at the end, but after all only where I would expect it to be: Inside the heater block, no surprise. The rest above is unmolested and looks fine.

Like you, I do single-extruder print, the second being idle.

@xchrisd which layer heights did you use? I went for ambitious 0.08mm, so perhaps flow is just too small and averse effects from the filament remaining too long in the heater block kick in? I am currently re-running the job with 0.1mm layer height - does not sound much, but it may just be that the prints I successfully got through had 0.1 mm… We’ll see.

I do imagine that the filament entry hole of the hotend module is slightly misaligned to the filament exit hole of the feeder, which might cause additional friction, but I guess that’s desperatly looking for something - it does not really look like it’s significant. However, if this print fails again, I’ll try to put the nozzle to the right extruder slot and see if this changes anything.

I’d be happy to have 0.2mm reliably working - the print quality is remarkable!

EDIT: 0.1 mm layer height did not help :frowning:

I printed it all with 0.1mm layer height.
Is your filament pulled easily from the spool?

Mine is on top of the enclosure with a hole and ptfe tube in the center above the x axis.
I could imagine this could cause filament grind if you use the original spoolholder outside the enclosure.

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Thanks again - I found my problem after all. It is the same problem as often: I’m too stupid… I printed the model at the same temperatures I use for this PLA with the 0.4 mm nozzle, but at the lower end - I thought: finer details might melt too much if I go too hot. But I did not take into account that the finer nozzle will have a different cooling behaviour. I raised my temps to the upper end, and the print went through smoothly. You might ask: But isn’t that statistics of one? It is after all, but I could see the difference already at first layer: The lines were ever so slightly thicker with the higher temperature, it was a noticable diifference.

The print now has other deficiencies, but those I know how to handle - giving me some more opportunity to test my theory. If I’m wrong, you’ll read it here, but not very soon - will be away from my machine for 2 1/2 weeks…

For the time being: case solved…

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I sure hope you’ll post some pics, I was looking into maall nozzle diameter printed parts.
There was a post from somebody at the FB group trying tiny benchy. Pretty cools stuff.

Will do, as soon as I’ve something “presentable”.

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Me too. I’ve just started getting into RC rock crawlers and would love to be able to print small items such as door handles.

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First pic’s are in - will do a full writeup and try to get better pictures later - midnight here, time to go to bed.

Edit: Full writeup here: Tabletop miniature with 0.2 mm nozzle and PVA support (Dual Extruder)