Filament is stuck - Dual Extruder

I have the same problem, the filament is stuck in the hotend but always the right left no problem.
What now ??

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There isn’t a fix… basically just waiting for snappy to tell us what’s wrong and give guidance.

After some successful prints, i had three times clogging Yesterday again. Thats so frustrating

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I bought an declogger. They’re on amazon and Etsy. I was having clogs in my right nozzle and I unloaded it and pushed it out.

Didn’t help my left nozzle which had a piece of broken filament in it and the stuff in the nozzle was carbon/gooey.

Declogger seems to work well.

Do you want to print non-stop? YES YES Keep it cool.Dual extruder
Snapmaker 2.0 right extruder getting clogged solution !!!

Nice sales pitch
In addition to removing support, it is also difficult to get filament residue out of a jammed nozzle. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with it for long with the dual extrusion module with the **dual extruder type 2023 **
Well not .

Just a sanity check: What filament do you use in the right extruder?

I had the same problem with my right extruder. I always used the breakaway support material when testing the dual extruder head. The Breakaway support needs ~20° more than pure PLA. After setting the right temperature, everything worked.

I use PLA in both extruders

any other updates on this, maybe in another thread I just haven’t found? I also had the right extruder get stuck, and I can’t figure out what to do about it. This is common, I take it? I just got my extruder a little bit ago.