Downloaded a model from Thinkverse. it generates but not loading

Hi All,

I am trying to print this model from Thinkverse for my Google Home Mini.

I am doing it in 4 pieces but the body does not want to load to the workspace. I checked and the part seems to fit on the working area. There is no Brim/raft/skirt.

After I generated the GCode it gets stuck on ‘Parse…’

Has anyone come across this issue and resolved it?


I came here looking for issues to this problem as well. Not with the same print, but this happens to me a lot.

It will complete slicing and then i am stuck on parsing gcode… sometimes a server error briefly props up as well. I’ve noticed if I scale down the print, sometimes i can get it to work… but this is really disappointing that i cant print anything bigger than my palm.

Anyone else? Ive searched for a while and i cant find a thread with this problem yet. Yours is the closest I’ve seen.

This is a known issue and is being looked into.

Not sure if the latest SMjs 2.5.3 Beta release addresses this, - still waiting for confirmation.

oh okay thanks! is there another thread on here i should be following to find out?

Here is the address of Snapmakerjs 2.5.3:Snapmakerjs v2.5.3 Beta Testing. There are some improvements on Laser and CNC module and still need wait for some time to solve the problem of 3D module in next version.