Missing parts after Generate G-Code

On Win10 Luban version 3.12.2 I try to generate code for https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4641906 (last I tried the hexagon, but it looks like they all fail about the same way) but after clicking Generate G-Code, only 2 “triangles” show up in the middle, whereas the model had many before I clicked Generate G-Code.

How does one go about troubleshooting this?

Start by making sure the smallest feature is larger than the smallest printable size, which is about 0.5mm. The thingiverse page indicates the models were designed to be ~10cm, and have thin details in them, so you could easily check that by scaling up up about 50cm or so and making sure it generates then.

If that fails the model is probably non-manifold (term for “it has holes”) or something else in which case it will need repair.

Ok, that’s weird.

I made it bigger and tried to Generate - nothing in the middle was there. I made it smaller and tried to Generate, it hung at around 27%.

I killed it and restarted it. I tried to Generate at the default size, and it successfully generated.

I’m assuming Luban has a bug in it somewhere, but I’m not sure how to isolate or report it.

Mmmm - well you’re not the first person to find a bug in the software unfortunately. Glad it seems to be working now.

It’s a bit of a step, but if you casually spend some time setting up Cura I think it’ll be less likely to have these quirks.

I have had this happen with printing in the past. The features were smaller than the nozzle diameter. I was doing the designing so could change the size and the problem was fixed. This was back in the Snapmakerjs days