Door detection cannot be turned off at all

I’m trying to print a birthday present - I already made a version yesterday but hat too little contrast so I decided to redo the job today but I absolutely cannot get the machine to start the laser properly.

I’ve tried time and time again to disable the door detection but every time the laser starts printing its not leaving a single mark on the workpiece.
The laser is on, but its about as bright as when running the boundary check.

I tried searching here, I tried reversing the cable, updated firmware and Luban - as I said it was working yesterday - altho it was also buggy then:

When I tried to start the job yesterday I was only able to disable door detection from inside Luban, when I tried on the machines touchscreen it would do the same thing as now.
But unfortunately today, every time I try to disable the door detection in Luban, the button just greys out and cannot be clicked afterwards anymore.

If anyone got any tips or knows how to fix this, please let me know! I’m kinda desperate and very frustrated at this point as the print needs 7h and I’m really running out of time at this point :frowning:

I was now able to trick the machine into thinking the door is closed by taping two magnets to the inside of the machine at the door detection module thanks to this thread

But this only confirms my assumption that this must be a software issue - the Door detection module is working perfectly fine, I was able to run M1010 in the Luban Console and it was showing the right door state even right after the machine booted (with one door open)
but it still wouldn’t let me use the laser.

Now with the magnets taped to the Door Detection module and door detection actually enabled the laser is working normal - I just hope that none of the magnets will fall of in the next 7 hours

Figured I’d drop my comment here from another similar thread:

If you don’t have magnets handy you can unscrew the sensor and wedge it between the door you plan on closing and the enclosure frame (line the plastic connector up with the groove for extra stability). I threw a piece of painter’s tape over for good measure but it lit all 4 lights this way and seems to bypass the door sensor (ran a test cut).

Note: this obviously only works if you’re still closing one of the doors. I am working with a 12"x24" piece of ply and need the small door open to process this sheet.

Lastly, this is a temp fix for folks needing to get up and running. I would still order a couple neo magnets from Amazon and afix those however you see fit.

Just found out about this bug. Wasted half my night trying to figure it out.

Snapmaker can you please fix this? If I want door detection I’ll turn it on.

Darn near ruined a short notice product.

Thanks to everyone in this thread who came up with a work around! I guess what I couldn’t figure out is why when I downgraded to a firmware/Luban copy that was known to be working before (1.14.3, Luban 4.4) it still wasn’t working. That’s super confusing to me.