How to disable door open for laser?


I have the 10W laser and always used to open the door with snapmaker 2.0 to move the laser pointer with accuracy to where I need. I am using light burn.
Is there a way to disable the door open function ?


At you’re own risc send in the console for disable = M1010 S0 for enable = M1010 S1. Refresh = M1010 S12. If you turn on show all at the right side, you can see the command flow.

That thing was driving me crazy.


I am connected via USB.


echo:Unknown command: “M1010”


M1010 S0

echo:Unknown command: “M1010 S0”


Is there a trick to get those command to run?

I tried With and without Marlin.

Unfortunately it seems not to work without door detection:

Maybe disconnecting the enclosure would work?

If you disconnect the enclosure on the Artisan, the Laser would not work. There is also no “official” option to disable the check.

This guy tried to operate the Artisan, but got stuck in a loop because of the missing enclosure:

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Take a magnet on the door contact? Mostly it is a reed or other magnetic contact.

I have a a350… I took apart the door to the enclosure which is the magnetic part that trips the sensor and just leave it on there for big projects.

Seems to work ok.

On the SM 2.0 you can send M1010 S0 to disable the door sensor. After use you can send M1010 S1 to enable end M1010 S12 to refresh the door status. Nothing to Trish with a magnet.


2.0 is not problem.,
Question is about Artisan.
As suggested, I am using a magnet and that’s perfect. I can now see the 10W pointer properly and make necessary adjustments.

I think the design team should allow the laser to fire to 1W with door open, otherwise it is almost impossible to see it with window close.

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