DIY Rotary Attachment

Here is my version 2 of the DIY rotary attachment. I’m happy with the results. :grinning:

Here is the Instructable as well:


Very clever, nicely done!

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Hey, that’s great! Thanks for sharing!
Unfortunately I have the A150… wondering if I could modify your project in some way to use it also on my little Snap. mmmhhh

Great work @AlienWorkshop

That was very helpful!
Thanks for sharing the info!

I have to say this is as clever as impressive.
Very nicely built as well!

My brain will not let me understand how the linear Y movement of the board translates into a correct angular movement of the bottle. Will it work for any diameter, is there any modification to be done to the gcode?

A possible improvement that I can imagine is creating instead of the rubber wheels, a set of gears that could be printed along their linear rails that could be printed too, and screwed onto the waste board, for nice and steady movements.

Also a 3D printed 3 jaw chuck would nicely fit in there, and can be easily scaled to fit the required project. Along the printed gears, I could imagine cnc working fairly well. Now would there be a possibility to cnc a 3D object with the use of the Y axis this way? Again my knowledge limit is reached :slight_smile:
I look forward to seeing some more comments and trials to this!

Again I am impressed!

Very neat-something like this is on my list of things to try. Only wrinkle is that I wanted to engrave something like these, and wondering if the slight taper would be a problem: AUTOSEAL West Loop, Stainless Steel Travel Mug with Easy-Clean Lid, 20 oz, Blue Corn | Contigo®

I think you could get it to work if you could get the mug to sit flat-basically so that the bearings are in contact with the object to be engraved, but possibly at different heights. I’ll have to mess with it a bit and see if it’s even a problem though-might be solveable as-is.

One other question though-when you engrave something like one of those bottles, are you adding a clearcoat or anything afterwards? Since you’re burning off a layer of paint, are the edges prone to flaking?

With your object you would need two places with the exact same diameter for the roller position. Different diameter means different rotation speed.
I would only use cylindrical objects with this method.

I tested a tapered mug this morning, and used a sleeve on the end to ensure both were rotating the same speed. Seemed to work well, even as the laser got farther away from the object.


Looks nice didn’t expect it to work so good :+1:t2:

I like this design very much and I already ordered most parts for it. I was thinking about changing the side brackets to a version to allows for different platforms (thickness). Something with a swivel and a spring to ensure sufficient down force on the platform and where the two linear axes are also mounted on a swivel to they will always position horizontally. Good exercise for getting me more familiar with Fusion 360 :wink:

I’d really like to modify your project to be able to use it on my A150 but I have some questions, sorry if stupid… :slight_smile:

Does it works with any object even if with different circumference?

I think the motors are the same on all the SM 2 isn’t it? That could means that to modify your project for my A150 I “just” have to use one side bracket and a shorter tubes? mmmmh…

You could probably just change the 3 holes to a bigger slots like this, and then slide up and down as needed, then tighten. I have added this to the instructable with this as an option, but haven’t tested it.


I don’t know how this would work with the A150, sorry. I think the limitations on the circumference is whether or not it will fit under the laser head. I’ve only done a few smaller objects like the tumbler. The laser is not strong enough to do glass or engrave a rolling pin, I don’t think. I don’t have anything larger than that to test.

Its DIY so think about and make it :wink:
Here is a older thread for the original:

Just to confirm, it will work with any diameter without modification, the round top moves at the same speed as the round bottom for the object and the wheels. You need rubber wheels so there is no slip on the board or the bottle. The gears idea would not turn the object.

Thank you so much man!

Hi AlienWorkShop
that is awesome an I have ordered my hardware.
One question I have is how do i get ride of the lines as per the photo attached your work looks amazing

Simple yet effective. Nice job! Hey, do you know what font Snapmaker uses? I have looked and used very similar ones but I couldn’t find an exact match.

I do not know the font name. I used a similar one, but can’t remember what it was called. I’ll post if I find it.