Snapmaker Rotary Module Adapter for Yeti 20oz Rambler

I’ve long wanted to use my Snapmaker to laser engrave Yeti Ramblers. Recently I got the (amazing) rotary module but ran into a small challenge. The chuck cannot expand large enough to fit the opening. So I designed an adapter to fit inside the opening of the Yeti and another adapter to fit on the bottom to make it easy to ensure proper alignment of the support post.

For vector/text toolpaths I found the following settings worked well.

Fill: 0.05mm
Speed: 60mm/sec
Power: 100%

After printing, rubbing with steel wool and a little bit of denatured alcohol cleans up and polishes the exposed aluminum.


you should be careful polishing with steel wool, micro particles of steel will get into the aluminum and begin to rust. The same happens with stainless steel too. Better to use a stainless steel wool or a Scotchbrite pad.


I printed your adapters using my Ender 3 Pro and the bottom adapter fits snugly to the bottom of the 20 oz Rambler but the top adapter turns easily. Should it not fit the same as the bottom? Also your settings listed are they for the default laser head or the new 10 W laser head?

This is the Yeti that I engrave with the adapter (, for me it fits very snug, almost to the point that if you aren’t careful taking it off it might break. Perhaps your Yeti is slightly different? You could try printing at 98% scale to see if that helps.

My settings are for the default laser head.

@accupub, I had my friend print an copy of the adapter and it was also pretty loose, like you described. I don’t have a great explanation for that other than my PLA filament had more shrinkage than his. I’m going to modify the design slight to be tighter and upload a new copy to thingiverse.

@dirtdevil That would be fantastic. I was trying to create one through Fusion 360 and wasn’t having much luck

I will upload my Fusion 360 file tonight as well so it’s easier for people to modify.

Hi! Thanks for the detailed info! I just purchased a SnapMaker (haven’t purchased the rotary attachment yet) and am looking to engrave Yeti Tumblers as well. One question: How do you compensate for slight angle on the sides due to the fact that the base has a smaller circumference then then the top? Does this even matter? Thanks!