Discussion of Snapmaker 2.0 Firmware Updates

The temperature Sensor of the heatbed is in the heat bed, so the print surface will be at lower temperature (that’s normal). I did some thermal imaging and the difference is at ~55°C about -5/-7°C and at >90°C at -10/-12°C.

Please add a temperature setting for the bed leveling process. This would be very important (on my SM1 I use Simplify3D to heat up the bed before leveling and it’s a game changer!).
I have this on my Ultimaker 3 and it is one of the best things about this printer.

Manual started leveling process should be at a to be defined temperature and for auto leveling in the print routine the leveling takes place when the bed finishes heating up and have a stabilized temperature.
I also suggest to heat up the nozzle to about 150°C to be able to remove residues from the tip.


100% agree with you !

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It would be nice to finally make the move open-sourcing all of this as was originally promised by the team in November. A lot of people in this community are making some great contributions and being able to raise PRs would no doubt help improve the execution of the many fixes that are being asked for.


I cannot find out how to update the firmware? is it posted somewhere here?

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The instructions are inside the downloaded firmware zip file as a text file see “How to upgrade the firmware.txt”

Ahh hahaha I hadn’t even opened it yet duh sorry!


yep, you get the dolts award for today

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I’d like to see “G26” enabled.

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I think they said that they would deliver the opensource when they got the Kickstarter pledges all delivered. That being said, I believe some have asked for the source (support@snapmaker.com) and have received it. But, what they received isn’t what is going to be released that is supposed to be well documented and perhaps the plug-in support and other goodies. So I am all for getting the source, but I’d like to get the one that is well documented and all ready for public release. Getting the not quite ready for release is useful for getting up to speed and familiar with what’s there and enabled. There is a TON of Marlin code that is not enabled by default. Of course the most interesting part to us is the part that is customized for the Snapmaker. The part that communicates with the Touch Screen.

The Touch Screen. That is a whole other project and set of code. I don’t think they will open the source for that.

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Oh, that’s a bit disappointing, my expectation would ideally be around a Snapmaker GitHub and open source all of the individual components. The touch screen as you said is the most interesting part for tinkering.


So I tried running leveling from G-code. when it’s set to do Manual Leveling. Doesn’t work.
Seems to me it should work the same way it does from the Touch Screen.
If the setting is for Manual Leveling, executing a G29 should do the same thing that happens with the Touch Screen. No? @parachvte? @whimsycwd?
What it did for me was set all the grid values to Z9.0 which should be way high but it was way low and I think it thought it was a SM1! It wanted to scan a small grid pattern. Had to reset with a M501.

I tried a “G30” Single point probe. Didn’t work.

When I put my file through it changes it to 205/70 for the temps of the nozzle and bed. I want it at 200/50 so I change it before pressing start print. Since the new firmware update as soon as it hits 200/50 and the z goes down to the bed, it changes it back to 205/70.

My Snapmaker now doesn’t accept the temperature for the first layer and you can’t change it with the TS. He does it with the bed temperature but not with the hot end.

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I have same idea as you

Do we know when the API will be released? Will the API allow us to probe the snapmaker controller to see the status of the print job and environment variables such as bed and nozzle temp settings and current values?

Waiting on DL-ing any firmware updates for leveling fixes…


Is there a way to create a folder on the controller storage? I would like to create a “Utils” folder to put all my gcode utility files in. If not, then consider this a feature request. (Again :slight_smile:)

Bug or feature? I noticed when the Touch Screen was in the “File List” Screen that if I downloaded a new file from WiFi it doesn’t show the new file unless you go out of that screen and then back in. Seems like it should update the list as soon as the file is downloaded.

While I’m talking about the “Files Screen”, I think it should remember the sort order you selected last. I find I am always selecting the sort by date so the latest files show up on the top of the list.