Diamater failure

Hi everybody

i designed a part with a 71mm diameter hole in it oriented horizontal. My A350 printed it around 68mm??? i already checked the E value and changed it. Also the other dimensions are too small but not as much like the circle. It’s like 100mmm is 99.6mm not so bad but i want finer tolerances.

Can somebody help me?

Hi how to you Calibrate the Esteps??
Do you have any indicator clock that is accuracy enuf
I use indicator clock that has 0.01mm accuracy and Johanssons Passbitar That are 100 and 150mm long about 0,0001mm accuracy att 20 degre C,
And have to repeat about 2-3 times before it is OK
And you have to dismantel the macine and check each one of em that they are same…
I had 2 linaer on Y axis that dident work well together and have to change one whit the X that is alone
The Z is least important of the 3 axis
After i did that and recalibrated the machine it is ferly good but Almost always print outer diameter a litel big like on 100mm it is betvin 0,1 and 0,3 mm to big i think it has to do whit alitelbit over exstrusino… I think i will change from lubian to Cura Slizer …