Head's Up: Check your Linear Module Upgrades

Just got my linear module upgrades for the A350, and got two 8mm and three 20mm. Didn’t even think to check once I identified the first 8mm and set it aside, it never occurred to me there might be more than one.

I think this also seemed to create all sorts of issues in the logs I sent to support, because the log is showing 8mm on Y and X, but not on Z, which isn’t right, but maybe once the correct modules are installed I’ll discover something wasn’t wired correctly.

In any case, don’t be like me and assume that you are getting on 8mm and four 20mm because then you end up spending hours troubleshooting only to feel dumb. I’ll follow back up here once the replacement has arrived.

This is the assembly instruction of the A350T where you can see where the axles are installed.
So that the machine runs as it should run.

And it does if you install the axles as shown in the following pictures:

Y-Achse 2 Stück

Z-Achse 2 Stück

X-Achse 1 Stück

Just to be sure, that is the correct amount of each:
Two 8mm for the Z.
Three 20mm: One for the X and two for the Y.


And now I’m completely confused. :joy: Time to break out a Sharpie and start marking things with where they go.

Trying it again. Hold please.

First, thank you to everyone who thought “what an idiot” and didn’t say it out loud. You are the real heroes.

Next, yes, there’s an entirely new set of installation instructions that cover the new linear modules. Knowing is half the battle. RTFM. Thanks to @sdj544 and @Blauskink for getting me going in the right direction.

Finally, calibration completed successfully, no errors in the logs. Time to see if all these upgrades solve the original problem, of not being able to pause and resume a print. :joy:

Answer: no it definitely did not. New linear modules, new print head, new power supply, same issue. The saga continues.

Why do you think any of those changes should have solved that issue?

Are you sure the gcode you are using is correct?

I needed to do the upgrades anyway, and was waiting for them to come back in stock. I have a ticket open with support and I think we are at the point we replace the controller. They thought maybe the end stop sensors on one of the linear modules might be a possible culprit. No issues that they have identified with the gcode, and it doesn’t matter whether I hit pause in the gcode itself, through the UI, or the panel, no matter what it never resumes in place it left off.

To answer your question: blind optimism.