Dead CNC module?

I used a cnc file built in Fusion yesterday to crank out 5 copies of a simple design. Four 2d pocket simple 50mm circular holes in some walnut stock. I’ve used the same file on other occasions without issue.

Attempt 6 failed midway through the third hole when the spindle just kinda stopped turning with fairly predictable results. The piece wasn’t clamped super securely so it ended up pushing the stock instead of breaking the bit fortunately.

Now when I try that file or a different but similar file, the initial screen shows 12,000 rpm, but when I push start it starts moving through the tool path but the spindle doesn’t turn and the display shows 0 rpm.

I have switched out for the laser module and was able to turn on the laser in settings so I think the controller is good. I took the cover off the cnc module and the connections inside seem good.

Is this cnc module toast or is there something else I can try?

Are you able to turn the spindle with Luban on?

Unfortunately it seems your tool head is broken and you have to email support or make a ticket.

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Or manually with the controller.


I tried turning the spindle speed up on the screen in the controls menu and adjusted the speed settings, but sadly it still didn’t turn. I’ll email support.


its a bad motor. its on alibaba for less than 10 dollars but this should be an easy fix i I could just find the part in the USA. part number Rbi-365024-001