CNC Fusion 360 issues

Hello everyone,
my first call since I recieve the 2.0.
I try to mill with Fusion 360.
After I solve the first problems with viewing the recommended Youtube links I get the .cnc file to Luban. It shows me the preview and everything is fine.
The problem begins while I want to start the milling.
It load the job and then… nothing. the time is running, but no work is done from the machine. Sometimes it said after pushing the start button only that the machine settings are wrong.
Did anyone had this issues before?

Best regards

I had this same issue. I had to add a ; before all the first parentheses line to comment them out in a different format. Also after M3 add P100 to up the spindle speed to max speed.

Here is the post processor file for you:

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Thank you both,
that helps a lot, but i must do some more tests.

These files are more up to date than what’s posted on the site. Why do we need to come to the forum to find the latest content?


Usually updates will be published here on the forum first before they are published on the main site. Also there will be complete changelogs for the updates which you don’t see on the official download page. People can also provide their feedback and thought about our firmware and software updates so we can learn more about what our users want and dislike.

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FYI - the URLs in the readme files and other references are not working anymore. (referring to and forum links for example)