Dangerous and poorly designed connections

For my stupidity I did not look well and I inserted the connector of the 3d head upside down. I admit the mistake, but the connectors, since they were invented, do not have the possibility to connect if inserted backwards.
this is a cunning of manufacturers to sell spare parts, if not a very bad solution.
I was wrong, but a decent project doesn’t work like that.

You are nowhere near the first person to have that happen to them. They should have used DB-9, completely standard, inexpensive, and readily available. The only thing different is that there’s no larger power pins, but that could easily be dealt with by running power over two pairs of pins.

Yeah its pretty much bullshit, they “tried” to make it not reversible, but didn’t try hard enough. I think if they could make new cables that would fit in the same ports with a little effort. infact i kinda wanted to try to make a little piece to make it more reliable, but meh… whats the use. by the time anyone would look around on the forum about it, they would have already done the damage…

there are so very many problems with the machine, so i dont see this being addressed anytime soon - although they acknowledged it could be better, they decline to offer warranty over it.

Of course I don’t have the same expertise as builders, but this is an idea that saves a lot of trouble, and one that no designers haven’t implemented …
I recommend it to everyone because it had NEVER happened to me in fifty years to do damage for a
I advise manufacturers to raise the part in the photo by 5 mm which prevents incorrect conn


@Renato omg it’s so freaking simple that it wasn’t obvious, you’re a genius!

true, sometimes my ignorance is brilliant.
everybody make the change, I’ve been inserting connectors for fifty years, never seen a disaster like what happened to the snapmarker.
the assistance was understanding and fast, free shipping.