Plugged in 3D head backwards

I accidentally tried to plug power and control cable of the 3D print head backwards. It’s up high and I could see tab should be on the right. When I oriented the connector correctly the print head is not recognized. I clearly broke it.

Out of curiosity I switched to laser head and when I turned on power the laser light was on and at full power and started burning the base.

The damage is not just the printer head.

What do I do ??

Unfortunately this has happened to quite a few people. (there are some threads about this) While it looks like the connector was designed to only plug in one way, it wasn’t. (You can add a small block of wood on the side opposite where the latch goes to retrofit it and keep it from being able to plug in.)
You probably fried the controller as well as the printer head.
You can contact support and see if they’ll replace the head. Some people seem to have had success arguing that it’s a design error, but not sure that they actually did get it covered under warranty. Worth a try.

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Could be the controller as well. Just contact support, fess up, and see what they tell you.


is controller the ‘power strip’ on the side? I did reach out to SnapMaker support and pointed them to this thread - for $120 flat fee they will send shipping label and fix. Expensive lesson, but I deserve it ;).


Yes. That’s where everything plugs into.

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I dunno the cost on the controller. I had my bed heater port die on it too. If you can’t use any other heads, that’s probably a problem too.