Laser fried on power up


Turned on my laser for the first time and immediately the unit short circuited and burnt out. I turned off the Snapmake right away.

Has anyone else had this issue?

Did you plug the cable in properly? (It has been noted in other threads that the plug will go in backwards and has caused units to release their magic smoke)

To be honest, I don’t know. I bought the enclosure. As I had 'home’ed the device while building and placing it in the enclosure it was the other side of the unit from the door. I moved it to the middle of the axis but visibility was not very good.

Seems like a pretty bad/dangerous design flaw. I assume i wont get a replacement!

Not sure how it turned out for the other person… they did admit it was a poor design and supposedly are working on implementing better plugs. I would contact you never know

Tks for post. I have gotten on to support. Hope they can help me out

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