Cura and an odd finish

Hello! So I have been messing with Cura because I like how the support print seems to work better but I have an interesting turnout when trying to print a flower stem. Thoughts on what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!

Hey @Randylikestoast!
It seems to me that the filament is to hot in the upper section.- you have to print slower or
respectively get a cooling fan, to cool the filament.
Or, third option is to build a tower elsewhere on the buildplate to let your filament cool down while traveling to the tower and back.
Look at this: Snapmaker Tower Tips! (Images included)

Awesome thank you! @xchrisd I’ll see if there is a setting in cura for adjusting the temp after the initial start. I’ll also leave my enclosure door open lol. Maybe that will help too.

I know that there is an option in simplify3d to print slower if the layer takes less than XXseconds.

@xchrisd I’ve been really debating hard on purchasing s3d, I have been back and forth and hitting the google allot for peoples thoughts and experience. Cura was on top of everyone’s list as well so I figured I would try it prior to pulling the trigger on s3d. I wish s3d had a trial!

S3d is also not the yellow from the egg,- i think cura would do it as well.-

The setting is called “Minimum Layer Time” in cura.- my setting in s3d is 15 sec, go down with print speed till 20%

i will look at this later tonight, thank you so much!