Cura temperature not right

I’m trying to print something with PETG and PVA support. I have the Snapmaker plugin in Cura and have PVA selected as my support I also selected the right nozzle as support I set the temperature for my left nozzle to 230 for PETG and my right nozzle to 215 for PVA but when I start the print the right nozzle goes to 230 which is way too hot for PVA. Does anyone know a solution?

I have noticed the same problem. But it only occurs with the first layer. The temperature is correct for the other layers.
The problem does not always occur, I think it depends on which extruder was active before the job start.

You can set the temperature manually on the controller during printing to 215.

Can you upload your GCode? If the GCode shows setting the heads correctly, that would be a bug report to Snapmaker.

Now i have the issue.

I print with the right extruder at 230°C. But it preheats to 240°C which is the left extruder temp.

Extruder Left:

Extruder Right

possible that the start gcode (variables) in cura only look at the temperature of the first extruder?

Halter110.gcode (876.1 KB)

@Savoie I think if you change your build plate adhesion extruder, it should work…