Issues with Printing at Small Detail

Hi All,

I’ve attached some pictures, but the issue that I’m having is that the minute details will be really, really rough and sometimes not print at all.

These are “high quality” prints with the following settings.

Relatively new to 3D Printing, so any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

Hey, welcome to the Family :wink:

it would be great to see the whole model or the file to check how it should look.

In your case it seems, there should be printed with support everywhere. (if you have done so, may the model falls on the side because of too high printing speed or too high travel speed.- i think your high travel speed=70mm/s lets it fall)

Next issue could be the tower print issue, see here:

Snapmaker Tower Tips! (Images included)

Best regards, Chris

Yuan Ti Abomination Top.stl (761.4 KB)
That’s the STL file. I’ll try taking the settings down, and I’ve had the ‘tower print issue’ before, but not with towers, just similar applications. I tried printing one with support everywhere, including a raft and the base came out looking crappy.

The additional problem with support everywhere is that I’ve found it hard to remove the unnecessary pieces from the figure after the printing is done. I suppose that’s a separate problem, but it bears mentioning. - Aokuang

EDIT: I dissected the one that I printed with support everywhere. Minus the base, of course, but you can see the imperfections in the layers that are going to cause that ‘splintering’ if you will.

Hey Aokuang,

i´ve printed the file, i think the main problem could be the big heat on the small printing area.


My parameters are near the high quality but i took 0,2mm layer height (same at init-layer).- You even can do it in 0,05mm.
Printing speed 25mm/s, Thickness 1mm each.

Support everywhere, Raft

Greets Chris

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Two things.

First switch to Cura and set the minimum layer time. This will cause the print head to move away from the print if a layer printed very quickly. This way the layer has time to solidify.

Second use a part cooling fan. Here is the one I designed:

This will help the part cool as you go.

EDIT: One thing to note about the minimum layer time. If you have it set to 30 seconds and the layer takes 2 seconds. The print head will be sitting in midair with nothing under it for 28 seconds. The plastic sitting in the nozzle can ooze a bit. So you might get a blob on the side of the print where the print head moved back into the print. They normally come right off in post processing.


I have some issues with Snapmaker3D rendering fine features. For example, I printed one of the printer tests: . It shows up in Snapmaker3D when looking at the model.

You can see the thin walls in front are present in the model, but have no Outer Walls in the preview. The actual print matched the preview. Which is strange, because there is another section that is 0.1mm thick, and that rendered and printed just fine. I’ve had similar issues on other models where it just won’t render very fine details.

I haven’t tried Cura yet. I’m going to try it soon.