Corner bracket are really not stable enough

Enclosure: the corner bracket are really not enough stable. Four of them and mainly the number 4 on page 10 of the Installation guide, just between the 2 doors, have the brackets brocken (see the picture below)! I would need al least 4 of them for replacement.
But I think that the material or the production of the piece must be changed !!!
The number 4 ist really very exposed because without any support from plates on the side (like by the others) !


has anyone tried printing this corner bracket that Snapmaker released on Thingiverse? I think this would be better printed in PETG than PLA.

I had the same problem and used CA (superglue) to secure the edge. I would recommend redesigning the bracket rather than printing the same design.

Same here. I broke one tab and fixed it with JB Weld. That joint isn’t going anywhere. :slight_smile:

You could print two corner brackets by your Snapmaker. We’ve tried it and it works perfectly. Download the model file at

I managed to drill and tap another 4mm threaded hole in what was left of a tab when I snapped one trying to wiggle it into a too tight slot. For the next tight slot I sanded the tab down until I didn’t have to force it.