The corner brackets are terrible

I just got my printer up and running and I’m really happy about that.

However, I’ve been attempting to build the enclosure and 2 of my corner brackets have snapped as they are so thin. One of the edges of my enclosure is also not accepting the “Right” side no matter what I have done and now I’ve come to a complete halt because of the corner bracket snapping. I think if a bit more material had been used there would be no problem, and if each corner had two screws for each edge then the entire product would be much more rigid and less prone to breaking.

I have to say that I am quite upset that I now have to print a corner bracket without using the enclosure as I have no other choice. I hope in the future the corner brackets aren’t this brittle.


I was fortunate to only break one tab. I completed assembly and then used JB Weld to fix the break.

That said, I’m very disappointed in the polycarbonate windows. I have cracks in the top and around the hinges and handles. The hinge and handle areas at least should have been reinforced by metal plates.

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