Control infill speed during print

hi! I’m printing somthing and during the printing i notice that the infill speed is too slow and maybe i can make it go faster, so i wonder if i can enhance the infill speed level during the print with any command is it possibale?

Huh. I thought we could change the infill print speed in Luban, but I’m not seeing the settings. Really the only thing you can do is reduce the amount of infill.

If you’re interested in tweaking it, you’ll probably be happier switching to Cura. It has a lot of hidden setting you can tweak that Luban doesn’t expose. Just be careful to not make it too fast. I don’t know if you have a v1 or v2, but I had issues printing on the v1 faster than 80mm/s. I believe the v2 can go faster, but I don’t have a number.

If you do have a v1, Snapmaker3D did let you edit the infill speed. But I’ve stopped using it; I don’t like switching back and forth between slicers. They all print the first layer a bit differently, and it takes me a while to dial in the settings for each piece of software.

Hi all, in fact you can adjust infill settings in the Snapmaker Luban. Just make sure you have updated to the latest Snapmaker Luban version here.

Here is a screenshot of where the settings for infill are located.

thanks i know where to find the speed and the amount of infill
but i wonder if i able to do this when the printer is working and make it go faster after i send the G-code to the printer