Print speed of support infill

hi everyone, i have been trying to print a mario boo planter and i seem to be having a problem with the supports, i will post some pics in a little bit but the jist of it is that when in zigzag form it is printing the support at the 3rd of 4th layer it will speed up the support infill to 60mm/s and will move way to fast and cause it to not stick right causing blobs to build up. i am using luban to slice and i am aware that cura has way more support setting but i would really like to understand what is going on in luban.

Without a model or any pictures, I’ll throw out some generic advice.

You mention infill of 60mm/s, but I don’t see a Luban setting that does that. I’m guessing you’re using Fast Print. Try Normal or High Quality. Slowing things down has never hurt* any of my prints.

You can adjust the support and infill print speeds by customizing your print settings. As of Luban 3.15.1, click the gear icon to the right of the Print Settings drop down. Click on the profile you want, then Copy it to a new profile. Now you can edit the new profile, and use that to print. Although Luban doesn’t have a “Support Speed”, so I’m not entirely sure what you would change to slow that down. I’m guessing “Travel Speed”.

Blobs can be a sign of oozing/stringing. ZHop and Retraction can usually help with that. Or blobs can be a sign that the nozzle is dirty. If you’ve been printing with that nozzle for a while, try swapping it for a new one (which is a process). There are other posts on the forum about cleaning nozzles.

If you’re talking about Mario Boo by adafruit - Thingiverse, you’re definitely gonna need supports for the tail.

*: I lied, I do get better long distance bridging on Fast Print vs. High Quality. But that’s kinda niche.