Luban 4.3.2 First Layer Print Speed 3mm/s bug

I just updated to the new 4.3.2 and I found an error, the default First Layer Print Speed is set to 24mm/s but when starting the printer only moves at 3mm/s for the first layer.

I have tried to adjust the speed but still get the 3mm/s first layer.

Bugs should be filed on github. The programmers won’t see them here.

I just updated to 4.3.2 (against my better judgment) and experienced this extreme slowness. I thought I was going to lose my mind, 2 hours fo first layer (and that was dialed up to 500% on the touch screen. Its still printing now. Is there a workaround I can use for my next print? Does this happen regardless what it is set to even in other presets?

No to mention that changes to settings are not saved.