Connection with usb c to mini usb won’t work


I got huge problems connecting my SM2.0 to my Mac by cable. I’m using a usb c to mini usb but as I’m new to Mac I have near zero experience and don’t know what to do.

I’ve tried to install the driver from SM download site but with no luck.

I want to connect with cable as I find the Wi-Fi connection unreliable from time to time.

Kind regards

Hi, do you have to use Mac?

I’m not doing a Mac so this may not apply, but, on my usb c extender cable I had to pare back the connector plastic 1-2 mm to get a good connection. For some reason, the SM connection isn’t ‘standard’ and the connection sits a little proud of a good connection. Got this solution from other discussions on this forum. I don’t know if that only affected earlier models or all models. For what it’s worth.

His usb c is on the Mac side…

Hi guys

Thanks for your replies.

Well regarding if I need to use Mac. I don’t, but it is the computer I have. Otherwise I could use my work pc, but I rather don’t.

I am not quite sure what you mean mark. Did you pare back on the micro usb side of the cable?

The usb-c, on my extension cable, did not go in far enough for a good connection. Taking 1-2 mm off the plastic that holds the actual metal connector so it can go in further helped.