Connection of Snapmaker to Usb 3.0

I want to use the laser.

USB 3.0 is unable to communicate with the Snapmaker’s USB 2.0- I’m using standard USB connectors.

I get an explicit message telling me that it cannot communicate.

What to do?

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Have you tested the machine with a different computer to verify that the issue is specifically with USB 3.0 and not with your SnapMaker itself?

Hi @nanotheater

What operating system are you running?

Have you downloaded and installed all the latest software, including the CH340 driver?


Is the error happening in any of the available usb ports?

I know that in my case I have some kind of driver/sleep mode issue with the USB 3.0 in the front panel. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t (I’m using windows, when they are failing I get a yellow “!” in the devices manager, and one “Generic Usb Hub” is missing).

I bought an usb 2.0 headers for the front panel and these work fine every time.

Also, if you can post the exact error message it can help the troubleshooting.