Connect Via Wifi

It would be nice to have an option to not have to go to the Snapmaker 2 and approve the wifi connection if you are on the same network. Having to do that interrupts the remote use of the machine from multiple computers especially if your computer is not right next to the Snapmaker 2.


Thx, that is a nice proposal!
Maybe we will apply this opinion to snapmaker luban in the next version.

I would say, instead of auto approve any device on the same network (or as another option in addition to), still require authorization for the first connection, but offer the ability to remember so that it does not prompt again when reconnecting from the same system.

Also have a way to start a print remotely as well as monitor the progress of the print.

Good points.

There is another thing some of us would probably love to get. As it’s heavily related I add it here too.

Please add a way to connect do a printer by entering it’s IP address or hostname. Automatic discovery (I assume it’s MDNS) does not work across subnets and my printer is not in the same subnet as the main computer.

Thanks for considering.


Thanks for the suggestions.

Requiring authorization is to avoid multi PCs connecting to the printer at the same time.
"Remember this computer " sounds great. It is a good option, we will consider it and maybe update in the futrure.

@thomasl Could you tell us more about your network info?

@Alan: Sure :slightly_smiling_face:. As there are quite a few (untrusted) IoT devices in my home network I decided to build a dedicated network for them. This network is connected to the main network using a firewall.

The automatic discovery does not seem to work through the firewall so I need a way to enter the IP address manually to connect from Snapmaker Luban to the printer.

Would be nice to have a simple SAMBA share for transferring files to the Snapmaker.

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Hi thomasl,

Thanks for the reply.

The Snapmaker Luban would discover Snapmaker 2 printer if they are both in the same network, maybe it’s not working if the network is subnetting, apologies for the inconvenience.

I think it would be great if Snapmaker Luban can support this feature by entering IP address manually, please stay tuned :grinning:.


Thanks for looking into it.
I’m also a SnapMaker Original owner and I know how much SnapmakerJS evolved the last years. Looking forward to see many great additions :slight_smile:

Hi guys.

Just joined this forum as I received my A250 last week and finally got it set up and printing 3d stuff great. However, can the guys not have a preference setting on the printer to remember your choices for connecting to your wifi and also automatically starting a print?
This could easily be added as a preference setting.

Not all of us are using the Snapmakers in schools etc and are individual users with the printer located in another room and it’s frankly a pain in the ass to have to go each time I turn the machine on to go out to my upstairs room and then come back downstairs twice for the wifi and print cofirmations. Once the choices are set, the printer really should remember them. I always prepare my printers beforehand so it should be my responsibility to check I have everything set up and ready to print/cut/engrave etc instead of forcing me to confirm this EVERY TIME.