Cnc spindle problem

So i decided to buy a snapmaker original.
And i ordered one couple of weeks ago. I really did it for cnc because i don’t do much whith laser or 3d wich both are great. But as soon as i installed it there was some kind of problem with spindle and i find out head wasn’t straight so snapmaker send me replacement which work fo few hours perfectly and then start sound like dead hyena. So seller kindly changed the machine and new one is exactly the same just i haven’t use it for anything. I just installed it and spindle sound like chainsaw in jungle. Now im considering for sending it back completely or there is solution for it. If any one can help kindly

Could you kindly PM me videos that can show the shaft spindles of the CNC modules you have now?


its a bad motor. its on alibaba for less than 10 dollars but this should be an easy fix i I could just find the part in the USA. part number Rbi-365024-001