Is it possible to CNC something with 25mm depth?

I am trying to CNC a half cylinder. First time using the CNC. Does anyone know if this is possible?

I saw on the forum max depth is 15mm but want to confirm that.


What type of material? That makes a huge difference.

If you’re talking hardwoods I’ve gone up to 35mm deep. But you can only go about 10-12mm deep while making contact with bit on two sides. So you need to do either several runs where you change stock to leave as you go deeper or make machine outside boundary large where it does an inner and outer pass. (Assuming you’re using Fusion 360 since you cant do this with Luban).
You also need to make sure you’re using an upcut bit and vacuuming away debris as you go deeper. If you can have the paths go along an edge so that the sawdust can fall out helps too.


I was planning to use cherry but could use a different wood if necessary. I’ve read cherry is easy to mill

That’s great to hear you have done even more depth! Yeah several runs seems necessary. I’m still learning how to use fusion 360 cam so plenty of tutorials left before I’m ready to hit start.

Any suggestions for where to get upcut bits?