Issues with cnc rotary tool

i am trying to docnc on the rotary tool again and it is trying to eat off alot of wood before it even starts the project the rotary tool and laser is great but the cnc part is acting up i have ruined a lot of dowel pieces it drills down then it rotates will not start at the top and cut can someone help me please

Hi @Loriclark125512 . Not sure if you’ve solved this, but I didn’t see any replies, so replying. When you set up the tool path, take a look at your step-down settings, and ensure your diameter of dowel is actually what you’re telling Luban.

It seems (for very strange reasons) to want to run a pass over your stock at the outer diameter of the stock you told Luban (eg. if you told it you have a 20mm diameter stock, but then put in 25.4mm stock, it will run over the stock at 20mm, cutting off 5.4mm before it even starts).

If you’re sure both of those are right, come back to me.

Can you explain more about it drilling down and rotating? And about it eating off a lot of wood? If I’ve interpreted it correctly, it’s step-down issue.

I’m also not overly impressed about how it does it’s multiple passes with stepping down, so I break the job into several toolpaths. If I have thin bits towards the ends, I cut the “bottom” (furthest from the chuck) first, so it’s still well supported, and when all other cutting is done, I do the thin bit closest to the chuck. This may not be viable for your jobs, but something to consider and may help (without knowing further details).