CNC roughing and finishing

I want to mill a relief and look for advice how to create a roughing toolpath for one cutting bit (ball?!) and a second finishing tool path for another (V-bit) . I`m not familiar with Fusion 360 (Rhino-user) and want to do it with Luban. Any chance? I searched for a while now without success. Using only the V-bit will take so long… :confused:
Thx in advance!

I cannot help with Luban, back when I started dabbling in milling, Luban was so simplistic I did not bother. So here’s a bit of how I started learning to mill with Fusion, perhaps it helps you?

I could envision that you continue to use Rhino for CAD and use Fusion for CAM only, if that makes sense…

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Luban is rubbish at best for real milling. I did make a guide on multi-pass engraves in Fusion, however.