Ball End for Relief Mode

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I am a high school teacher teaching an engineering course. I have a student who has designed a model in fusion 360, and would like to mill it using the snapmaker (we have been very fortunate to receive a donation). His idea is essentially a small wooden tray that houses some wireless charges so he can just place his devices (phone, airpods, watch, etc.) on certain areas to charge that device. As such, he is milling out some areas the essentially have filleted edges. He has the design of the tray in 3D in fusion 360, but of course he is only milling out on the faces of it. I am thinking the best way to do this would be relief mode, but I am not entirely sure. If we were to generate the toolpath off a greyscale image though, would we be able to use the ball end? the manual only mentions the v-bit for relief mode. Thanks in advanced for the help, and sorry if this is a silly or repeat question. I’ve been googling away and can’t find much.


@mroveto if the design is a 3D model, I think you can use Fusion360 to have it carve using the model instead of an image like a grayscale. I use Vectric Aspire because I own the license, I know Aspire has this feature and I’m pretty sure Fusion360 does too. Are the faces part of the model and you’re carving them on a tray that’s already made? Or are you carving the faces from a separate image?

The bit you use also depends on what the design is, without seeing that design I can’t really advise exactly what one to use. Whatever one you use though you will have to generate a toolpath. A toolpath won’t generate solely from importing a grayscale. I’ve also never used Luban for CNC so I don’t know if it limits the type of bit for relief mode, Snapmaker has a tendency to make things too confusing, there is no such thing as a “relief mode” in other CNC software, it’s just a type of cut/toolpath and Snapmaker calling it a mode tends to cause confusion when people venture outside of the basic software.

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Have you seen this for using the CAM features inside fusion? Hopefully this will serve as a jumping off point for additional research on the CAM tools in fusion360.


Thank you for the help! I have seen a snapmaker article on how to generate the tool paths here:CNC Cutting with Files Exported from Fusion 360 – Snapmaker

I was hoping to explore it a bit with Luban, but from everything I’m reading it seems like generating the the paths and setting the model up for milling is better accomplished in fusion than with luban. I’ve been trying to stick with snapmaker’s custom software one because I already have the software and then I wouldn’t have to go through the tech dept to get more (basically to avoid bureaucracy lol) and two being overly cautious about potentially damaging the machine in some way. I will look in to this though.

It is a full 3d model of the tray (I am getting the student’s stl file for reference), and I know I do need a ball end for the type of pocket the student wants to cut out. I was just not sure if snapmaker recommended or allowed use of a ball end bit for relief mode since part of their setup guide specifically mentions using a v-bit. Again, being very cautious with the machine and potentially damaging or voiding warranty or repair or st since it is a tool for our students.

I hadn’t seen this one! I saw a different page on snapmaker (I posted this in my other reply), but I will look at this too. Thank you!


If you are trying to use Luban because of IT restrictions I’m pretty sure it’s doable.

Have you seen the full CNC “manual”? Although it references the quick start manual which isn’t terribly useful either, but it does indicate .STL files are supported for CNC.

It would probably be best to use an .STL file (3d model), which would contain the exact geometry to cut, and not use relief mode of a grayscale 2d image

Hi sorry for the delay. Thank you so much for this info though! We are proceeding using fusion for now since the student has the exact geometry that way as you said. I’ll let you know how it goes.