CNC module falls out of the quick clamp

I wanted to mill something today and noticed that the contours are totally skewed. A short time later I saw how the cnc module was moving in the quick-change system and was about to fall out.

I can simply push it out by hand.

The clamping lever can be closed very easily with the cnc module. With the laser module, however, only with a lot of force.

Can the tension be adjusted?

Looks like you’ve got the quick swap thing on the wrong way. I just got mine today and the instructions show the module should drop down vertically into place. That way there’s no way it could slide sideways.

Edit: Looks like I don’t know what I’m talking about

This is the Artisan, whose quick swap mounts do operate sideways.

@Savoie: Check the hardware on the locking lever to make sure something didn’t come loose.