Quick Change Heads

Anyone think it would be possible to convert the Snapmaker to some sort of quick change configuration for the different modules?

Im thinking somehow installing some metal pins on the lead screw plate that fit into the screw holes of the modules and then some sort of printed band to hold the module to the plate.

I haven’t got the time but i’ll definitely look into it in the future. I can be a pain to change modules, especially if it’s in an enclosure.

Food for thought.


I have given this some thought in the past. Some special screws that screw into the modules and then have a feature on the end of the screw that would snap on to the mounting plate. I think it could work fine for the 3d printing and laser etching modules. The force and vibration of the carving module might be problematic.

My other idea on this is to have a dovetail like feature that mounts on the back of the modules and then slides onto the mount plate and locks in place with a lever. That one could perhaps be 3D printed with the carbon fiber reinforced material. You might have to make some adjustments to get the head aligned in the X direction.


Those are both great ideas. I’m just now getting Ziro’s carbon fiber filament tuned in.

If I get a spare second, I’ll see if I can sketch something up.

Also if something is mounted to the back of the module, it would throw off the Y dimension. I’m sure you could compensate in software somewhere but that sounds like to much work. :sweat_smile:

Hi @Tone

I was thinking of a sliding bayonet mount with a locking mechanism. lock/unlock and slide heads in or out



Don’t even have mine yet but I’m a fixture kinda guy. The “special screws” idea is great! You would need them to simply stay in the back of the modules and be longer protruding the back side of the mounting plate. Then you would need a groove to slide a quick clip that has a slot to hold the module tight. The groove would probably have to be turned in a lathe unless you think you could print screws like that…does that make sense?


Yeah that makes sense.

What I’m thinking now is some shallow screws that thread into the module but have a solid shank protruding that are the exact size of the holes on the linear module. Then 3D print a strap or clip of sorts that holds the module against the plate.

This would work for 3D printing and laser but I’d solid bolt it on for the CNC.



Sorry I’m late to the party. Is this sliding concept for quick change like a beefed up version of how camera mounts attach to tripods?

I have the SM 2.0 inside the enclosure, and looking for something because “there’s gotta be a better way!” LOL

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I found two other efforts where someone took a crack at this, and of the two, this seems the most promising. I’m printing it now!

Yeah there are some people out there working on this, but in reality it is not too hard to change the tool head around - a quick table change would be awesome!

however, that is a nice looking tool system, i admit

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Of all the ones I’ve seen that looks like the best.
But unless you have a setup where you can only access your SM from the front it’s still not going to be as good as just using the 4 screws with cnc.
You’re adding weight and more importantly distance to the bit from the linear rail which is going to increase the leverage and deflection.
For laser and 3d it will be fine. (although might be more susceptible to ringing)


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@ MooseJuice

In my case, the printer is inside the enclosure, and the enclosure is pinned into a tight space where access is challenging. The quick change should help me.

Re: “a quick table change would be awesome!”

I had previously found a post here: Easy way to switch build plates

…that shows a way to do a quick change on the bed, and I have tried it for switching to laser and it worked great. I also bought enough magnets to set up for quick change (of the bed) for CNC too.

@ MooseJuice and @sdj544

I am keenly aware of what sdj544 mentions about why the CNC toolhead is probably better off attached directly using the screws, and I will bear that in mind. I’m so new to all this that all I’ve done so far is 3D printing and some laser cutting / engraving. If I get into the CNC stuff, I will probably only use the toolhead quick change mount if the item to be carved is light weight / easy carve.


FWIW, here’s another and different approach to the same problem:

That one isn’t bad!

looks like he could use some better filament but i like the concept.

I know this is a little off topic but its really close, this guy created a quick change bed, he’s selling his designs tho, just thaught these things sort of need to be linked together. The link is in the description for the cnc bed.

Laser & CNC Quick Release Bed

He values his design skill highly. Almost $20 price tag does not get you the item, just the STL file etc, and you have to supply the hardware and printing. Wow. I could see $1 or $3 or $5, but $20. Wow.

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Well, make your own :joy: people tryin to make money cant knock em lol

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