CNC Luban test piece with rotary Fail

I recently added the rotary addition to my machine and went though all the process of setting up work zero and tool touch off a couple of times. When i try to run the test pieces that are available on Luban , my results are nothing close to what they are supposed to be .
I did update to latest version of Luban and updated to latest firmware for machine.

That looks very much like you have slip - like some others: Strange Rotary Module behaviour - hope this thread helps!

i read through all that and seems like no one has an answer . I didn’t have any issues with laser engraving with the 4th axis .

Sorry, my bad - put in the wrong thread - this one I meant: Rotary module: manual calibration?

Laser does not put very much load on the rotary, so the slip may not be relevant/triggered.


Indeed this looks a lot like the issue I experienced. Either the belt is slipping (easy fix) or an internal grub screw came loose (slightly more difficult fix). If you need any help let me know, I can share what I know (though most of it is in the linked thread).


Did all that . still have the issue . I think the bearing is no good. sending it back.

Did you ask for help?