Luban Cnc Error

Please help me. I’m just getting into using the Cnc toolhead.

Two immediate issues right off the bat. I import a half sphere stl into Luban and am met with the opposite area of what I’d like shown as what is engraving. Not a problem. I create a cube around the half sphere in blender and do a difference boolean. That leaves me with the correct area to be milled out.

Importing it into Luban shows a perfectly shaded half sphere. Generating the tool path results in a crazy toolpath that is not representative of either a cube, or a sphere. The simulation shows exactly what I want, which is for the tool to mill out a half sphere. Upon running the tool, it decides to create a lopsided cube with one diagonal half of the cube being milled at 2mm, while the other half digging deeper the closer it gets to a corner of the cube.

My next issue, I decided to use a simple circle at a depth of 6mm into soft wood. It was doing fine until I needed to pause it. I had to readjust one of the clamps since it got loose. Upon resuming the mill a few seconds later, it proceeded to dig straight into the wood several millimeters below where it was supposed to continue. This caused the bed to jerk away from the toolhead, and i’d very much like to not cause damage to my machine if I need to pause the cnc job.

I know that everyone and their mother days to ditch Luban, but it can’t be this bad. It has to at least function at a basic level for 3d, laser, and Cnc. Has anybody had these issues?

For settings, I have a .1mm stepdown with most default settings left on. Standard ball mill end. The only other setting I changed was the step over to be at 1 mm instead of 1.2mm.